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Tech In Class?

Technology has been incorporated into classroom for quite some time now and has become an integral part of learning. Students have grown up with technology and it’s just part of their lives now. Due to this, classroom engagement is at an all-time low with teachers competing for their students attention with phones, tablets, and computers. Is technology a good thing or a bad thing in this situation? One positive outcome of integrating technology into the[…]

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Effects of Social Media on Teens

Social Media and Teens… The concept of a digital presence has been increasingly crucial for everyday life with today’s teenagers. Almost every single teen is on some sort of social play rm whether it be twitter, instagram, facebook, snapchat, etc. It has become the social norm to maintain themselves on these social platforms and studies have shown that it might not be the best for teens. Anxiety is the biggest effect of Social Media on[…]

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How Does Music Effect Studying

Music and Studying While walking into a library or a Starbucks, you might have noticed that almost everybody who is studying has their earbuds in. It has become a common practice nowadays to listen to music when one studies. People tend to listen whatever fancies them, let that be relaxing music, their favorite tunes, or white noise. Many teens claim that this helps them focus and get into the right mood but is that actually[…]

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