Effects of Social Media on Teens

Social Media and Teens…

The concept of a digital presence has been increasingly crucial for everyday life with today’s teenagers. Almost every single teen is on some sort of social play rm whether it be twitter, instagram, facebook, snapchat, etc. It has become the social norm to maintain themselves on these social platforms and studies have shown that it might not be the best for teens.

Anxiety is the biggest effect of Social Media on teens because teens often times feel emotionally invested into their accounts which they spend time and effort building up. Perfection almost becomes a necessity in order for them to keep up with the rest of their peers, or at least that’s how teens are feeling today. This anxiety can lead to an increased amount of self doubt and insecurities.

Communication issues have also become a prevalent problem with today’s teens. Social Media often times isn’t face to face, so it can be hard to read the tone behind a message. Misinterpreting these messages can lead to arguments and mistrust between friends. With teens prioritizing their social media accounts, they risk having relationships that aren’t as meaningful.

Teens are focusing on posting pictures that SHOW how much fun they are having without actually focusing on having fun. At the end, its their own friendships that are going to suffer.

It’s important for everyone to understand that there is way more to life than just a simple account. The number of likes you get on a photo shouldn’t determine your own self – worth. Just remember to keep your head up even if it doesn’t seem like it because confidence is 99% of life.

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