How Does Music Effect Studying

Music and Studying

While walking into a library or a Starbucks, you might have noticed that almost everybody who is studying has their earbuds in. It has become a common practice nowadays to listen to music when one studies. People tend to listen whatever fancies them, let that be relaxing music, their favorite tunes, or white noise. Many teens claim that this helps them focus and get into the right mood but is that actually the case?

There are multiple ideas as to why teens enjoy having to multitask between studying and listening to music. Some people claim that it puts them in a good mood which helps them perform better but the other side of that coin claims that music takes you away from learning by distracting you.

Another study claimed that it stimulates the brain and increases your spatial abilities. Every single experiment/test that has been produces different answers due to the difference in their execution.

Looking back at the original question, there is only one reasonable answer which is that it depends on the person. Generally speaking, tasks that require your full attention should most likely not be accompanied by any sort of background music. Tasks that have just general memorization and simple patterns are better suited for music since they don’t require your full focus. At the end of the day, do what works for you and helps you succeed.

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