Tech In Class?

Technology has been incorporated into classroom for quite some time now and has become an integral part of learning. Students have grown up with technology and it’s just part of their lives now. Due to this, classroom engagement is at an all-time low with teachers competing for their students attention with phones, tablets, and computers. Is technology a good thing or a bad thing in this situation?

One positive outcome of integrating technology into the classroom is the instant feedback. Teachers can now use a more active learning style which means that they will increase engagement through activities such as online quizzes during lecturing sessions. Digital Textbooks have also become a feature where students aren’t forced to lug around a massive textbook all day and now have an online version which is filled with links and other resources.

Another key aspect to integrating technology into your classroom means that automation is another possibility. Automation can quickly go through all the small tedious tasks a normal teacher would have to do such as keeping track of attendance, and engagement tools can help streamline their grading for writing assignments, discussions, and etc.

However, one key drawback of technology is the distraction that it provides. Technology means that students can play games, read articles, and watch videos instead of being productive during classroom hours. The best way to tackle this sort of issue would be to give only designated times when technology would be appropriate/allowed.

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